What to Expect

Frequently Asked Questions before visiting us:

  1. How long is the service? Our worship service is 45-minutes to an hour.
  2. What about kids? On Sunday mornings, children join us in worship. Children can be found in the pews with their families or in our Prayground with their caregiver. In the Prayground, children can color at a table or do one of the other quiet activities to help keep their hands busy while their ears are listening.
  3. What’s the service like? Our goal is that our service is warm, welcoming, and authentic. We try to fall somewhere between formal and casual in the feel of our service. We select music that fits the theme from scripture; sometimes that music may be a traditional hymn, and sometimes it may be more contemporary. 
  4. How does Communion work at UCC? At UCC, we take Communion (also called The Lord's Supper or Eucharist) on the first Sunday of each month and on special services. You can either come forward to partake, or it can be brought to you in your pew. We believe that God is the host at the Table and we extend God's invitation to all who desire to participate.
  5. How do people normally dress? We invite people to dress as they feel most comfortable. We have some people who come in suits, ties, and dresses, and some who come in jeans and tee shirts. Most people wear something in between.
  6. Where do I park? There are two places to park on Sunday mornings. The main part of our parking lot, where you are when you pull into the parking lot, is one place. If you park there, you will go up the steps to enter the building. If you prefer to not use the steps, you can park around the side of the building and use that door. If this is where you park, when you enter the building, you will walk down the long hall in front of you to get to the main entry area and sanctuary.
  7. What about accessibility? We strive to be accessible to many abilities. The stair-free entry to our building is at the end of the parking lot and to the right; if you have someone dropping you off, they can drive up the driveway to the right as you enter the parking lot. We have a handicapped bathroom in our building and all our restrooms have grab bars. Our sanctuary has cut-out pews to make space for wheelchair seating towards the front of the sanctuary. We also have wheelchairs available for use when inside the building, if you need, and we would be happy to assist you with one.