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Enjoying the Journey
August 16, 2023, 9:00 AM

Recently, I met some friends for camping on the other side of Iowa. They are from Kenosha, WI and us from here in Atlantic. We found a place to camp halfway between for us both.

Usually, when they do long car rides, they stop and check out roadside attractions or historical markers and such. When my friend told me they were planning 2 stops on their drive, I believe I responded with something like, "I never do those things. I am just focused on getting where I am going instead of enjoying the journey." I resolved in that conversation to make this a trip where I enjoy the journey. 

I got on Google and searched roadside attractions in Iowa and looked at the map to see what was along my way. I saw it was just a short drive off the route was "the largest concert gnome statue." I had to see it! I did not look up the address or anything, just added it to my map and let Google tell me the way. 

I had no idea I would end up on ISU's campus until I was starring at the football stadium. I had no idea that the statue was part of a large garden. After circling a few times, I figured out where to park and how to get in. While I really just planned on seeing the statue and moving on with the trip, I got so much more with getting to walk the Reiman Gardens. They are truly stunning.

So often these days we are concerned with getting to our destination, figuratively or literally.  The experience is a great reminder of how important it is to slow down and enjoy the journey more often.

I hope you find ways to slow down and enjoy the journey you are on, whatever that may be... wherever you are going.